Our Staff

When we say “Here’s to Hayden” we mean “Here’s to Hayden’s legacy and all the amazing employees who helped us become an amazing place to work” but it’s just not as catchy. So, this is the place we get to showcase our passionate and dedicated leadership team. Unfortunately not every Hayden employee is on this page, but we can tell you we all share Hayden Beverage values. We are hard workers, we are passionate, we want to make a difference, and we care. Since you’re here checking us out, we think you share those same values, so we say "Here's to you."

Dodds HaydenDodds Hayden

Dodds Hayden

Dan ScovelDan Scovel

Dan Scovel

Andy MitchellAndy Mitchell

Andy Mitchell

Dave HeffnerDave Heffner

Dave Heffner

Shelby Schelling

Shelby Schelling

Jeff CollinsJeff Collins

Jeff Collins

Corporate Vice President of Operations
Tyler FlynnTyler Flynn

Tyler Flynn

Vice President Operations
Larinda SpencerLarinda Spencer

Larinda Spencer

Human Resources Manager
Mike KoppMike Kopp

Mike Kopp

VP Beer Sales
Ritch OttoRitch Otto

Ritch Otto

VP Wine Sales
Ken HuntRitch Otto

Ken Hunt

VP Red Bull
Dave Lane

Dave Lane

VP of Non-Alcoholic Brands
Kathryn McClaskeyKathryn McClaskey

Kathryn McClaskey

Director of Education
Matt DankowskiMatt Dankowski

Matt Dankowski

VP Key Account Management
Brian KnightonBrian Knighton

Brian Knighton

General Manager - Southwest Idaho
Travis WestTravis West

Travis West

General Manager - East Idaho
Luis LynchLuis Lynch

Luis Lynch

General Manager - Montana
Keri DeslerKeri Desler

Keri Desler

General Manager - Tastevin
Chuck CombsChuck Combs

Chuck Combs

Draught Manager