If someone ever asks why you’re drinking in the morning, simply say you’re taking advantage of a fresh palate. Then ask about the last time they took a beverage education class.

Trust us; it works like a charm.

Our commitment to education mirrors our pursuit of becoming the most professional and diversified distributor in the state. In the ever-evolving landscape of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, our Education Department, led by Scott Bowden, ensures our minds and palates stay sharp and our gaze remains fixed on the horizon.

We firmly believe that education is the linchpin for creating a superior sales force, amplifying the reach of our brands, and fostering stronger relationships with our retail partners by helping to enhance their customers’ experience. From ongoing internal sales team education, to cultivating a custom staff education session for retail or on-premise customers alike, the Hayden Beverage education department is our secret weapon.