Odin Brewing

Website: http://odinbrewing.com/index.php?p=1_2_Products

Odin Brewing embraces the exploratory spirit of the ancient Vikings. These brave innovators discovered America 500 years before Columbus without the benefit of accurate sea charts or other navigational tools. They built unprecedented ships that could withstand the stormy ocean. But their greatest asset was their fearlessness. They forged their legacy by traversing the unknown to reap opportunity in areas where other men dare not tread.

Founded 3 Years ago, Odin Brewing is one of the fastest growing breweries in Washington, and our beer is now available in Idaho and British Columbia. We have taken a different approach than many new brewers, and rather than going for many very big, single batch beers, we are focused on food-friendly beers in a smaller lineup that is readily available year round. We realized a long time ago that food-friendly by no means needs to be less flavorful, and we actually add ingredients to widen the palate of our beers above and beyond their original styles. To better integrate with a meal and make our beers more sessionable in general, we utilize highly attenuating yeasts to dry out our beers to make them less sweet and filling, then replace that desired sweetness with an addition outside the norm, such as Juniper, Ginger or even a citrus-flavored malt. These ingredients are always kept at a level to avoid building a ‘spice beer’, and always present themselves as a unique hop addition. We also focus on extremely clean finishes, and use the entire recipe to build bittering rather than just the hops to reduce lingering starchiness. Our beers often come across as having much higher IBUs, which is often accomplished just by utilizing a specialty malt for texture.

In the end, the true beauty of any flavor is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder. Read about our beers here, then taste them at your local restaurant or store and judge for yourself if we have truly crafted great beer designed with great food in mind- we believe we have.