Heineken USA

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Heineken's proud heritage includes generations of family involvement and celebrated beers. Gerard Adriaan Heineken purchased the De Hooiberg brewery and founded Heineken in 1863. He made the business an immediate success by adhering to the highest quality standards, treating his employees well, and actually offering a money-back guarantee to his customers. Demand for Heineken rapidly increased throughout Europe, and numerous new breweries were built to keep up with their growth. Heineken was first exported to America in 1880 but was halted by prohibition in 1920. Following its repeal in 1933, Leo van Munching brought the great brew back to the United States and made Heineken one of the most loved imported beers on our shores. Today, they proudly continue Gerard Adriaan Heineken's passion for quality and commitment to being a responsible brewer. They are proud of their beer, their employees, and their company.