Sales Team

 Brian Knighton: Execution Director Treasure Valley

Brian Knighton Was Born and raised in Idaho. After being hired by Albertsons in high school Brian spent 12 years with company in several Boise area stores. In 2002 Brian joined Hayden Beverage as a combo sales rep and soon moved into an off premise beer route. A year later Brian moved to an off premise wine route and then was promoted to a wine sales supervisor in 2007. In 2012 Brian started a new adventure in the NA category of Hayden’s portfolio as Southern Idaho Red Bull manager and in 2016 was promoted to Execution Director, Treasure Valley.

  • Favorite car owned: 82 Jeep CJ7
  • First Concert: MC Hammer.... Can't Touch This!
  • Favorite place to be at 4pm on a Saturday: Floating down any river
  • Turn ons: I can't put that on a web site
  • Favorite Halloween costume: Billy Idol - you should see me in leather pants!
  • Favorite part of job: Working with great people
  • Special powers/skills: I can read my own mind
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent: Featherville
  • How many 5-year olds I can take in a fight: Don't know.....but I can still out run them
  • Most bizarre thing found in my desk: live mouse

Dave Lane: Execution Director, Branches

David Lane oversees all sales functions in the markets east of Boise. Following many years in the Grocery Business working for Safeway, Dave joined the company in 1987 as a way to supplement the meager income from his band, Havoc. He later moved to Sun Valley as Operations Manager. He has held many other positions in the organization including Sales rep, Coors Brand Manager, Sales Manager, and Sun Valley General Manager. In Dave’s current role as Execution Director, Branches, he has guided the expanded business throughout the state.  Dave’s direct reports include, Ben Turner (Sun Valley Sales Manager), Mike Shawver (North Idaho General Manager), Travis Caudle (Pocatello/ Idaho Falls Sales Manager) and Craig Toppi (Twin Falls Sales Manager).

  • Favorite car owned: 1969 Chevy Camero RS
  • Least Favorite Food: Seafood, or anything that even skirts water
  • First concert: Black Sabbath
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Mahoney’s
  • Favorite hobby: playing guitar
  • Turn offs: Type “A” self-serving arrogant people (you know who you are)
  • Special powers: The Jedi mind trick
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Redfish Lake
  • I was born: Emporia, Kansas
  • How many 5-year olds I could take in a fight: That depends… humans? or say, Mountain Lions..?

Travis Caudle: East Idaho Sales Manager

Travis Caudle oversees Idaho Falls and Pocatello markets. He was born in Idaho and raised in Alaska and graduated from the University of Idaho. He worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years before joining the beer and wine community. He worked with his step-father, Jerry Frazell, at Golden Eagle Distributing for many years until it was sold. He then made the move to Hayden in 2008 to steer the Eastern Idaho expansion.

  • Favorite car owned: BIG RED F350
  • First concert: AC/DC – For those about to ROCK
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Summertime at the cabin with a COLD beer.
  • Favorite job before Hayden or 1st job: Manager at Chuck E Cheese
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: Skinny Dicks Half-Way Inn (it really exists)
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Three of them: Amanda, Jesse & Garret
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Just outside of Idaho, in Montana, Hebgin Lake. Bring the beer, I have the hot tub.
  • I was born: Idaho Falls, ID
  • I wish I was from: Italy, GREAT people!
  • How many 5-year olds I could take in a fight: Lost with all three of mine…

Ben Turner: Sun Valley Sales Manager

Ben Turner has been the General Sales Manager of the Ketchum branch of Hayden Beverage Company since October 2009. In 2003, he made his way into the wine and spirits distribution business after 10 years in the restaurant industry. Through his position in sales he went on to help establish Young’s Market Company as a key player in the beer, wine, and spirits business during the company’s first four years in the Arizona Market. Ben is Level II Sommelier certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and is also a Certified Specialist of Wine as awarded by the Society of Wine Educators

  • Favorite car owned: 93 Toyota 4×4 pickup. What a work horse!
  • First concert: Beastie Boys, License to Ill Tour. 1987, Atlanta, GA
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Top of Baldy getting ready for my last run of the day! Or on Dollar for the last run with my son, Jackson!
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: The Flying Pig in Oceanside CA
  • Turn ons: Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
  • Favorite part of job: Turning an account into a partner/friend
  • Special powers/skills: I am a Lego guru, I dominate on my Weber grill, and I am somewhat of a legend in the Angry Birds culture.
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Copper Basin for skeet shooting and flyfishing in the same spot!
  • How many 5-year olds I can take in a fight: With or without the aid of Benadryl?
  • Most bizarre thing found in my desk: Chinese Meditation Balls

 Devin Gudenau: Twin Falls Sales Manager

Devin Gudenau joined us as the General Sales Manager in the Twin Falls market in 2014. Prior to Hayden, he worked 15 years as a manager in the restaurant industry, with the last 8 years at Applebee's. He was born and raised in the Twin Falls area and has seen it grow and develop over the years. Devin oversees the Growth and Development of the Twin Falls market and Sales Team. Devin is a driven leader in business, with a passion for continued education and ever growing knowledge in the beer and wine industry. Devin is honored to be a part of the Hayden Team!                   


  • Favorite car owned: 76 AMC Hornet
  • First concert: Aerosmith
  • Favorite job before Hayden: Car salesman
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: Ellis Island, Las Vegas 
  • Turn ons: Big beer and wine displays
  • Biggest win (not work) related: Raising my children 
  • Special powers/skills: Ninja like reflexes
  • Favorite hobby: Hunting
  • Favorite Halloween costume:  Tigger, because he bounces!
  • Favorite sport to watch: NCAA Football

Brian Golden: Director of Education and Special Projects

Brian Golden, Director of Education and Special Projects, draws on ten years of experience at Hayden Beverage and fifteen years within the beverage and hospitality industry to develop and oversee creative and targeted educational programming for our staff, accounts, and our consumers. Brian filled roles of off- and on-premise salesman in Sun Valley and Boise and General Sales Manager of our Sun Valley branch prior to moving to Boise. Brian is the only beer/wine professional in Idaho to earn Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits from The Society of Wine Educators and the Certified Cicerone® designation, the industry benchmark for craft beer. Brian is a graduate of Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

  • Favorite car owned: Old-school 1983 ‘bullet style’ Saab
  • Favorite band/artist: Lee Perry & The Upsetters
  • First concert: Paul Simon, Jones Beach, NJ
  • Favorite book: As long as I am past page 10, the one I am reading.
  • Favorite hobby: Swearing at my golf ball
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: Sunsets on the Lake, Tahoe City CA
  • Biggest win (work related): 2-year campaign developing HBC Education Dept.
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Shooting 79 at Pebble Beach after a LONG night of “Product Sampling.”
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Washinton Lake North of Ketchum
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: Carnival in Rio

 Kelly Busmann: Red Bull Key Account Manager

Kelly was born and raised in Idaho. After college, he began selling beer in Boise and then moved to Seattle for 10 years, where he continued his beer sales. Kelly moved back to Boise, selling still more beer, and in 2012, he joined Hayden Beverage as the Key Account Manager for Red Bull

  • Favorite sport/activity to do: Fishing and coaching baseball & football
  • Favorite car owned: Ford F-350 Pickup 
  • Favorite food: Anything off the Traeger Grill (especially pizza)
  • First Concert: Guns and Roses
  • Turn ons: Cold beer 
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Won a football championship and a state baseball title with each of my sons
  • Special powers/skills: selective hearing (especially at home)
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Featherville/Pine
  • How many 5-year olds I can take in a fight: Not many (have a bad back) 
  • One item on your bucket list: Travel to Dubai


 Jim Koeppl: NA Brand Manager

 Jim Koeppl moved with his wife, Wendy, and their 4 young boys, from Wisconsin to Boise in the fall of 1990 to start a new career at Hayden Beverage Co. He started as a delivery route driver and a few months later he transitioned into a sales route. He was then promoted to a Sales Supervisor position in the beer department. From 1998 to 2004 Jim managed the non-Alcoholic department. In 2004 he began to oversee the Twin Falls market and by 2005 Jim was the general manager in Twin Falls. In 2008 Jim returned to Boise to manage the Red Bull sales team and put together the expansion of Red Bull statewide. Jim is currently managing and rebuilding the Non-Alcoholic brand portfolio and is the Elmore County and Canyon County area sales supervisor.

  • Favorite car owned: Red '68 Chevelle Malibu convertible
  • Favorite food: Red Meat
  • First concert: Eagles
  • Favorite hobby: Hot Air Ballooning or set building at Boise Little Theater 
  • Turn ons: My Wife
  • Biggest win (work related): Turning around the Twin Falls market opinion of Hayden Beverage 
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Being married to Wendy for 30+ yrs. and 4 young men that still call me Dad 
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: McCall
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: Any Packer game at Lambeau Field 
  • Most bizarre thing found in my desk: Baby Rattle? (not mine) 

Chuck Combs, Draught Manager

Chuck was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Alaska, Tennessee and California before moving to Idaho to attend the College of Idaho.  He joined Hayden Beverage in June of 1990 delivering to downtown restaurants and bars.  After two years, he moved to the Draught department cleaning beer lines and eventually moved up to the Draught Department Manager.  He is currently responsible for overseeing the installation of draught lines, the maintenance team and the management of all aspects of special events.

  • Favorite car owned: '78 Jeep Cherokee - 410 engine, competition cam could go anywhere
  • Favorite food: Cheese Pie - the filling is made of eggs, butter and sugar
  • First concert: AC/DC
  • Favorite hobby: Alpine Skiing
  • One item on your bucket list: Travel with my wife to Europe
  • Favorite part of my job: Solving challenges involved with draught beer systems
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Gwen (wife), Sarah and Hannah (daughters)
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Wherever the Elk are during hunting season
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: Olymic Alpine skiing events
  • Favorite Halloween costume: Cowboy, I wear it every day