Management Team:

Dodds Hayden: CEO

Dodds Hayden was born in Idaho and raised in the beer and wine business. After graduating from Boise High School, Dodds graduated from Bowdoin College, spent 5 years as a Marine Corps infantry officer, and attended Babson Business School. He then returned to Idaho and the family business serving as General Manager of the Sun Valley operation for eight years. Returning to Boise, he managed the on-premise division and presided over the company’s operations with his father, John. When John died in 2006, Dodds took over as president, purchased the company, and now oversees all Hayden Beverage entities. Dodds is a Certified Specialist of Wine, as awarded by the Society of Wine Educators.

  • Favorite car owned: 66 Lincoln Continental Convertible (long before Entourage)
  • Favorite band/artist: Waylon Jennings—duh!
  • Favorite books: check out my ever-growing list
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Apres Ski—anywhere
  • Favorite job before Hayden & first job: USMC Officer; 1st job was Albertsons bag boy
  • Favorite restaurant not in Idaho: Ned Kelley’s Last Stand—Hong Kong
  • Turn ons: Adrenalin, 100-case displays, menu dominance
  • Favorite part of job: seeing people succeed
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Heart Lake (White Clouds)
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: My Zihuatenejo wedding (again)

Dan Scovel: President

Dan Scovel - VP OperationsDan Scovel started his 30+ year career with Hayden (then Boise Sales Co.) as a driver-salesman in 1978 when the company picked up several additional brands. He has filled various roles including pre-sales, purchasing, supervisor of delivery and operations, HR and VP Operations, en route to his current position of President. Prior to joining Hayden, he cut his teeth with Albertsons bagging groceries, checking, throwing freight (even then it was difficult to keep the beer cooler stocked for BSU events) and working on a ranch in Owyhee County.

  • Favorite car owned: Dodge Powerwagon
  • Favorite food: Fresh trout, just pulled from the lake/stream, cooked in the firepit
  • First concert: Doobie Brothers- Takin it to the Streets!
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Sitting in a warm place, on top of a mountain
  • Favorite job before Hayden or 1st job: Working on the farm/ranch
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: Irma Saloon (Cody, Wyoming)
  • Turn offs: Whining
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Whiteclouds, around Castle Peak
  • I was born: Boise
  • How many 5-year olds I could take in a fight: None – they always make me laugh so no way to fight.

 Andy Mitchell: Executive VP Sales

Andy Mitchell joined Hayden Beverage Company in February 2014 filling the newly created position of Executive Vice-President of Sales. Andy is a New Jersey native who spent 18 years in California before he and his wife relocated to Idaho in 2005. He has as an eclectic background as possible, combining early stage start-ups like Pete’s Brewing Company and Trinity Springs Inc. with Fortune 500 companies such as Gallo and Constellation Brands Inc. This unique combination of the entrepreneurial spirit found in start-ups combined with the strong business disciplines found in companies such as Gallo and Nestle Purina make him a strong albeit unique addition to the already successful Hayden family. 5 minutes with Andy and you will know what we mean by unique.

  • Favorite food: Spaghetti, pasta 
  • First concert: Rush - Moving Pictures Tour, Madison Square Garden May 18, 1981
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Riding my cruiser to the next bar.
  • Where you went to school: I am a proud member of the Trojan family - Fight On!
  • Growing up, I wanted to be: President of the United States of America
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: The Grove Hotel, I am not a camper.
  • I was born: Paris, TN
  • Favorite Halloween costume: Ice Dancer - At 6'2" and 255 pounds it is a sight to see.
  • How many 5-year olds I could take in a fight: 5-year old what? Kids, probably a bakers dozen or so. Grizzly Bear? 1? I'm pretty tough.
  • Most bizarre thing found in my desk: Organic Lollypops! Delicious! - Correction Organic Lollypop container. 

Mike Kopp: VP Beer Sales

Mike Knopp - VP Beer SalesMike Kopp manages all beer sales for Hayden Beverage. In 1980 he was hired as a driver/merchandiser, transferred to Sun Valley in 1983 as a beer driver salesman, and transferred back to Boise in 1986 as a route salesman. Through the years, Mike sold or delivered beer in several geographic areas and worked his way up through the ranks to Sales Supervisor, Beer Division Manager and his current role as VP of Beer/NA Sales in 2011. Mike’s vision and hard work have been instrumental in building a strong beer portfolio that has kept Hayden Beverage beer division relevant without the benefit of SAB’s or ABI’s major domestic brands.

  • Favorite food: Beer
  • First concert: Eric Clapton
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: In the sun, Après Skiing, anywhere!
  • Biggest win (non-work related): 27 years of marriage and raising 2 kids
  • Growing up, I wanted to be: Geologist
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Stanley Lake
  • I was born: Portland, OR
  • If I could go to any event in the world, I'd go: Burning Man
  • How many 5-year olds I could take in a fight: Wow, really…
  • Most bizarre thing found in my desk: Fart Alarm

Ritch Otto: VP Wine Sales

Ritch Otto was born and raised in Boise, Idaho where he graduated from the Borah High School in 1981. He started working at Albertsons his sophomore year of high school as a box boy and spent the next 15 years with them working his way to the division office as an assistant meat supervisor.  After Albertsons he managed an independent grocery store in Nevada for 5 years before returning to Boise.  Ritch started working for Hayden Beverage in 2000 as a water salesman.  In 2002 he took a wine sales position.  From there he was promoted to wine supervisor in 2004 and wine sales manager in 2007. In 2014 he was promoted to his current position of Vice President of wine.

  • Favorite car owned: 1981 Turbo RX7
  • Favorite band/artist: Too many to choose from, I guess Foreigner  
  • Favorite book:  A Wrinkle In Time
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Traveling with my wife - anywhere
  • What did you want to be growing up:  A lawyer
  • Favorite restaurant not in Idaho: Rutherford Grill in Napa Valley, CA
  • Biggest win non-work related:  My 2 children
  • Favorite part of job: Being part of a winning team!
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Corral Creek 
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: Carnival in Rio Janeiro 

Ken Hunt: VP Red Bull                    

Ken Hunt joined Hayden Beverage Company in March 2017 as Vice-President of Sales for Red Bull and Non Alcoholic. Ken spent the last 16 years at Red Bull Energy Drink. His most recent role at Red Bull was Region Sales Manager managing 4 Distributor Partner Managers and 18 Pacific Northwest Distributors. His background includes working for Frito Lay, Haagen-Dazs/Nestle and Kraft General Foods – Breyers Ice Cream. Kens experience, vision, hard work and problem solving skills will be a great benefit to Hayden Beverage. Ken and is his wife are originally from Michigan but have lived in Washington State for the last 25 years. When not working, Ken loves to watch Football, landscape his yard and golf.

  • Favorite band/artist: U2
  • Favorite book: 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Watching sports on TV 
  • What did you want to be growing up: President of the USA
  • Turn Ons: Smiles and sunshine
  • Biggest win non-work related: My family and 30+ years of marriage 
  • Favorite part of job: Solving problems
  • Favorite Halloween costume: Devil with a Blue Dress On
  • Favorite cereal: Captain Crunch
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: US Open Championship;

Richard Rigg: Controller

Richard Rigg - ControllerRichard Rigg joined the Company in 1991. Prior to that, he worked ten years in the public accounting field for an international accounting firm's Boise office. He was responsible for audits and client support for various businesses in Idaho and Utah. With that company, Richard transferred to Melbourne, Australia where he was the Audit Manager for a number of Australian businesses. He is currently the VP of Finance and Controller of the Company. With his ten-person staff, he manages all accounting, insurance, employee benefits, and IT functions. He is a certified public accountant licensed in the State of Idaho.

  • Favorite sport/activity: Mountain bike, alpine ski & scuba dive
  • Favorite car owned: They have never been important
  • First concert: Blood Sweat & Tears
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: Having a beer on the beach or ski hill.
  • Favorite job before Hayden or 1st job: Audit manager in Melbourn Austrailia
  • Turn ons: None to share
  • Special powers/skills: none
  • Growing up, I wanted to be: Older
  • I was born: California

Monica Rozier: General Manager North Idaho

 Monica Rozier is the GM in North Idaho. She was born in Boise, ID and moved while very young to Coeur d’Alene where she lived and worked at her parents resort. After high school, she went to Washington State University where she obtained a BA in Hotel & Restaurant Management. The Hyatt Regency Maui was her choice out of college and she stayed there for three years in management positions. After a great time in Maui, she moved to Seattle where she worked at the Alexis Hotel and the Four Seasons Olympic. In 1998, pregnant with her first child, she moved back to Coeur d’Alene and went to work for Hagadone Hospitality. In 2002 she switched careers and went into telecom and stayed there until August 2015 when she joined Hayden Beverage! Outside of work, spending time with family and friends are her priorities!

  • Favorite sport to watch: Swimming
  • First concert: Rod Stewart
  • Favorite place to be 4pm on a Saturday: On my boat with family and friends
  • Favorite Halloween costume: Black cat
  • Favorite food: Popcorn
  • Favorite part of job: Watching the players grow and work together
  • Special powers/skills: Bringing the magic into my kids lives
  • If you could go to any event in the world, what would it be: The Olympics
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Priest Lake Islands
  • One item on your bucket list Go to the Fiji islands and stay in a hut over the water

Brian Golden: Director of Education and Special Projects

Brian Brian Golden, Director of Education and Special Projects, draws on ten years of experience at Hayden Beverage and fifteen years within the beverage and hospitality industry to develop and oversee creative and targeted educational programming for our staff, accounts, and our consumers. Brian filled roles of off- and on-premise salesman in Sun Valley and Boise and General Sales Manager of our Sun Valley branch prior to moving to Boise. Brian is the only beer/wine professional in Idaho to earn Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits from The Society of Wine Educators and the Certified Cicerone® designation, the industry benchmark for craft beer. Brian is a graduate of Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

  • Favorite car owned: Old-school 1983 ‘bullet style’ Saab
  • Favorite band/artist: Lee Perry & The Upsetters
  • First concert: Paul Simon, Jones Beach, NJ
  • Favorite book: As long as I am past page 10, the one I am reading.
  • Favorite hobby: Swearing at my golf ball
  • Favorite bar or restaurant not in Idaho: Sunsets on the Lake, Tahoe City CA
  • Biggest win (work related): 2-year campaign developing HBC Education Dept.
  • Biggest win (non-work related): Shooting 79 at Pebble Beach after a LONG night of “Product Sampling.”
  • Favorite place to pitch a tent in Idaho: Washinton Lake North of Ketchum
  • If I could go to any event in the world, it would be: Carnival in Rio