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Service that Wins Loyalty. Thx DJ

Dodds Hayden - Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I want to tell you about something great that DJ did yesterday.  

I have been running Joe Sandoval’s route for the past few days, and on Monday I called on Michael Morehouse at Hooters.  He went to the cooler with me, checked the kegs, and gave me his order.  Unfortunately, he made a mistake and forgot to order a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale.  He called customer service on Tuesday around 4:30 and told DJ that he had run out of Sierra.  He explained to DJ that it was his fault and that he missed it when giving me the order.  DJ called me and asked if their was anything I could do.  I was behind on finishing Joe’s route and told DJ that with the mngtour dinner and finishing Joe’s route that I wouldn’t be able to get him a keg that evening, but would get it to him before they opened the next day.  DJ told me that Moorehouse was fine with that and said that he would meet me in the morning.
About 5 minutes went by, and DJ called me back tellling me the retail store was slow and that he was going to deliver the keg himself to Hooters that day.  30 minutes later, Hooters had a fresh keg of Sierra Nevada.
I wanted you to know the extra mile that DJ went to help out a great account of ours.

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