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Red Bull to the rescue

Brian Golden - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whew... this past Saturday was quite the party. The green was green, the smiles were wide, and the Guinness went down smoother than a Barry White bass line.  St. Patty's on a Saturday is like a stick-ball game at Wrigley Field. 

We raised the Hayden flag high, as a big contingent rented a party bus and took to the streets, spreading Irish cheer in accounts from Meridian to Bown Crossing (and what seemed like every tavern in the middle).  Many thanks to our colorful Guinness Rep Andrew Murphy for making the trip, and to all who joined in the fray.  Thanks also to all the accounts that hosted us, and for the ones we missed, we will get you on the list for next year!

But now, with our outlandish green costumes safely stowed and the gluttony of the day in our rearview mirror, I for one find myself looking for beverages that will have a much softer impact on my wasteline...  So I present to you:


The latest release from industry pioneer and undisputed champ Red Bull, "Total Zero" proves that less is more, offering all the pure energy of Red Bull in a zero calorie, zero carb, zero sugar elixer that is sure to take the market by storm.  Look for "Total Zero" on store shelves around April 1st.


p.s. I am sure that Red Bull, Total Zero and any combination of the two are fully trademarked, but my blog software is making that impossible to show.  Please don't sue me. Thanks.

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