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An apple a day...

Brian Golden - Friday, April 20, 2012

...Is a very slow way to make craft cider. But we have discovered a much better method, and are proud to announce the recent addition of Washington State's "Tieton Cider Works" to the Hayden Beverage portfolio and family. We were blown away by the amazing range of flavors in their product, and couldn't wait to get them into the Idaho market !

Washington is famous for its apple orchards, and the people at Tieton are passionate about producing craft cider that showcases the complexities and flavors of this fruit. But cider apples aren't red and shiny like the kinds you left on the teacher's desk when you needed an "A." They are gnarly, some would say ugly wild apples that are inedible in the traditional sense. But man do they make good cider. The farmers at Tieton work with dozens of varieties of cider apples, utilizing the best of each to produce blends that are both rich and delicate at the same time. You really have to try them to know what I mean.

Tieton is a family owned business producing 100% organic and gluten free cider from estate orchards, and you really can taste the difference. My personal favorite is the Apricot, but other styles include Cherry and Blossom Nectar flavors, along with a semi-dry and a classic dry.

These ciders are a great alternative for summer beverages, so find them at your local retailer and explore a new taste of the Northwest!

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